Counselor's Office

Rebecca Boone Elementary Counseling Center

Mrs. Heather Steitz
 Email:  [email protected] 
Phone:  (636)456-6904 ext. 


The Warren County R-3 School District’s Guidance and Counseling Programs are based on the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Model (MCGM). The MCGM focuses on learning/academics, personal/social, and career needs for each student. As students go through the developmental stages of their lives, their needs and expectations change. Our philosophy is designed to address each developmental stage and to assist students in achieving a positive, healthy outlook towards themselves and others.

The Elementary Guidance and Counseling Program

1. To provide assistance to all students with their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.
2. To provide services for individual and small group counseling, in addition, to large group classroom guidance lessons for all students.
3. To provide support for teachers and administrators in meeting student’s individual needs.
4. To provide teachers, parents, and students with referral resources in various areas such as: child development, academic abilities, parenting challenges, outside counseling services, and a variety of mental health issues.
5. To coordinate and support special education services when needed. To assist parents, teachers, and students with the use and interpretation of test results and student records.
6. To assist with programs and committees involving the school and community when needed.
7. Maintain confidentiality at all times, unless a “need to know” situation warrants otherwise. During that time, I will work with all involved parties, with the student’s best interest in mind.

Individual Consultation

Students are welcome to come in and visit the school counselor when they are experiencing a problem. The child may request counseling or may be referred by parents or teachers. Counseling is a voluntary service--- no child is required to talk with the counselor. If your child is experiencing difficulties in any area, please feel free to contact me. I will do what I can to help!

Small-Group Counseling

Small groups are formed each semester. We try to determine the needs of the students and design our groups to meet those needs. A variety of topics are targeted based on group needs. Groups meet once a week for approximately 6 weeks and are approximately 30 minutes in length. Students must have parent permission to participate in small groups. Parents and teachers may refer their students for consideration of small group counseling if the group topic is available.

Large Group Guidance
The school counselor meets with each classroom about every other week for 30 minutes to provide a classroom guidance lesson for all students. Sometimes, teachers may request for the counselor to provide additional large group guidance lessons based on classroom needs. The majority of the lessons are based on character education topics.

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